Drum Lessons App Reviews

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Fine for beginners

Ok truth be told I have been playing drums since I was 10. This app is perfectly fine for beginners but if you are anymore advanced than the basic elementary school book or in a middle school jazz band then you are probably too advanced for this. I understand it is for set I am a Louise Armstrong award winner for the area of percussion. So I can appreciate the basic approach to this. But I think that it is better for said person who may be learning to get a basic understanding of rhythm first. That means get a practice pad or snare and a beginning book and learn how to count to 4 first.


Dont bother...if you are as dumb as i am then you would get it...hopefully you are not😉

Nice app

Cool app for drums and Nice lessons.


Can there be a worse app?


Is not what u think...... Just a terrible app.

Good, not great.

Sound bytes don't work, neither do the tabs for the monthly project. Other than that the app has a lot of potential.

good app

I got 2nd

I GOT FIRST!!!!!!!

I havent tried it yet butt I GOT FIRST!!!!!!!! Yay crossed fingers if it worx

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